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Meghan Markle to receive £1 as damages from British publication

Meghan Markle will receive £ 1 for damage from a letter on Sunday after winning a legal battle against publications, according to the report.

The outlet was sued by the Duchess of Susse**x with the privacy invasion to issue a personal letter he wrote to his father Thomas Markle in 2018.

Now the letter on Sunday has received a defeat in 2021, Meghan has officially won this case and the nominal amount according to The Guardian.

Lawyer Media Mark Stephens told Guardian: “Usually for such privacy invasion, you will expect £ 75,000 to £ 125,000. It shows that the reputable reputation is an area where he effectively attacks his own privacy.”

In addition to damage, the letter on Sunday will also cover the royal legal costs which are approximately more than £ 1 million.

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