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Meghan Markle shows public ‘who is in charge’ with her gestures

According to body language expert Believingbruce, Meghan Markle ensures she maintains control throughout public engagements with Prince Harry.

When Meghan Markle’s public appearances are compared to those of Kate Middleton, the expert discovers that the latter is more supportive of husband Prince William.

“When we look at the ‘connecting’ nonverbal communication and subliminal gestures that exist between both couples, there is a huge difference between the supportive connection that lies between Kate and William and the submissive connection that exists between Harry and Meghan,”

he said.

“The light touches between Kate and William are replaced between Meghan and Harry by a type of touch called an elongated pat, this is where Meghan puts her hand on Harry but keeps it there,”

adds Believingbruce.

“This is a controlling gesture, make no mistake. This is often when Meghan is about to say something, or has said something and she is encouraging Harry to go along with the view by the firm touch of the palm of her hand,”

he adds.

“Even within the Oprah interview, Meghan used the touch frequently to remind Harry who was in charge,”

Bruce explains.

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