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Meghan Markle is paving the route to popularity in the US

According to a language specialist, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry talk in’modern’ English to help Americans connect with the royal family.

Dr Sarika Bose, who has consistently studied the Susse**xes and their voyage, claims that the husband and wife attempt to avoid formal language in order to converse cordially with the Americans. This allows them to connect with the locals more effectively.

She explained: “What you see with the Duke and Duchess of Susse**x is that they are using a particular very modern language.

Dr Bose continued:

“So we are not really celebrities, we are people who are trying to do good in a way we were constrained from doing good in the past.”

“That is the consistent message, they have this is ‘we are hard working’ and ‘we are doing the same kinds of things’ but we have some somewhat different focuses,”

“So, that’s the kind of position I think that they have. I think Americans are embracing that messaging, as well as that slice of the Royal mystique,”

concluded Dr. Bose.

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