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Meghan Markle has effected Prince Harry’s thinking.

According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Susse**x, is assisting Prince Harry in changing his target audience.

Following Harry’s famous ‘The Great Resignation’ debate last month about people quitting jobs to prioritise their mental health, Pauline Maclaran believes the Duke’s new views have been “influenced” by his wife.

Pauline adds that Meghan and Harry’s branding is much different from other royals since they appeal to “more progressive” younger generations and in touch with younger generations.”

She told “Rather than being out of touch, his ‘celebration’ of job resignations will resonate particularly with Harry and Meghan’s target audience – the Millennials and Generation Z.

“I’m sure his opinions are influenced by Meghan but they also fit with their joint branding for the above reasons.”

Ms Maclaran, who is also the author of book Royal Fever, added: “This does seem to be a further step in building the Susse**x brand as very independent from the Royal Family and showing it to be much more progressive and in touch with younger generations.

“There is even a ‘hippie’ vibe about the whole idea of dropping out of the rat race and seeking a more fulfilled lifestyle.”

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