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Meghan Markle and Megan Fox are being linked

Following the announcement of Megan Fox’s engagement to Machine Gun Kelly, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring was likened to Megan Fox’s.

The Transformers star’s two engagement rings were rumoured to be more expensive than the Duchess of Susse**x’s own ring.

Megan had recently been engaged to the musician, who crafted two rings worth £218,000 each, for a total of £436,000.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Susse**x’s trilogy ring contains Botswana diamonds and was inherited from Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

The asking price is £134,500.

Many of the Duke and Duchess of Susse**x’s followers reacted angrily to the startling comparison, questioning why the two renowned people, who only share a first name, were being pitted against each other.

“Weird flex, but good,” royal analyst Omid Scobie wrote.

“It’s not only strange, it’s awful how they utilise her name to generate hits,” another person added.

“They despise her, but they like the money she brings them.”

“They always find a way to pull her into it, no matter what the issue is.”

“Two engagement rings vs one engagement ring… why wouldn’t it be more expensive?” shouted another.

“Lol there’s not even a connection,” one person commented.

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