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Meghan Markle ‘destroyed privacy’ with the release of their 2021 Christmas card

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been questioned after releasing their 2021 Christmas card, which has been described as “totally shredding their shroud of anonymity.”

Daniela Elser, a royal novelist and biographer, makes this assertion in a new essay for

“Up until now, Harry and Meghan have assiduously, and totally understandably, shielded their little ones and done everything they can to minimise their exposure.”

She even added,

“Whether wittingly or not, they have just managed to demolish that carefully crafted and maintained wall of privacy they have built around their kids.”

Furthermore, since that Meghan is a civilian, Ms Elser says there was no use in sending out a Christmas card at all.

“It is incredibly hard here to draw any conclusion, but that they must know what 24-carat PR this photo of the four of them represents and the incredible power and potency of this image of them as a damn-near-perfect modern family.”

Before concluding though she admitted,

“No matter what your views might be on Megxit or their decision to air all the royal family’s dirty laundry on TV or to write a memoir or get chickens or get into bed with corporate giant after corporate giant, what is undeniable is that their new vitamin D-dappled lives clearly suit them perfectly.”

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