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Medical Student Dr Khadija & Sheikh Danish Full HD Viral Video on Twitter

Man abducts and tortures a medical student after she declines a marriage proposal.

In order to feed his ego, a guy and his crew abducted Khadija Mehmood, a medical student, from her home in Faisalabad. They mercilessly tortured her as punishment for rejecting a marriage proposal.

Tuesday, the accused Sheikh Danish and his associates allegedly sexually harassed Khadija while also filming them.

The girl was taken from her home by force, according to the details, by the accused Danish, his daughter Ana Sheikh, and security personnel.

The accused took the girl to their home in University Town, Faisalabad, made her lick their shoes as punishment, and then recorded the humiliating incident on camera.

In retaliation, they also tormented her and cut her hair. The torturing, shoe-licking, and hair-trimming video has gone popular on social media.

Faisalabad CCPO Umar Saeed Malik made note of the incident and reported the offenders to the women’s police station. Six suspects in the case—Danish, Maham, Khan Muhammad, Shoaib, Faizan, and Ashghar—have been detained by the police.

Full HD Viral Video of Sheikh Danish and Dr. Khadija



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