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Maryna Mazur is a Ukrainian student who dropped out of college.

What is Maryna Mazur’s background?

According to reports, Maryna Mazur, a 22-year-old Ukrainian national studying business in Germany, has dropped out and vowed to “kill as many Russians as possible” to aid in the rescue of her homeland. Following a voyage from Berlin to the Polish border, Maryna Mazur landed in Ukraine on March 3rd. She declared in an interview with anchor Eric Bolling on a television station on Friday, March 4, 2022, that she wants to join the war, adding, “Nothing matters anymore except keeping the family alive… and assassinating as many Russians as possible.”

Age and Instagram, Maryna Mazur

She went on to state that while she is typically a peaceful person who does not wish anyone to die, she now has no sympathy for those who come to their country and murder their children. She acknowledged that killing someone would be difficult, but she stated that she is willing to do so. Maryna Mazur, 22, and her mother fled Western Europe; she remarked that returning home to get guns was not a tough decision for her because she was up in a patriotic environment.

She added that she is unable to be safe in her German flat, sip coffee, and attend classes while aware of the events in her birthplace. She pondered, “Who would I be if I just stayed in safety?” I’d never be able to do something like that. Ukraine is home to my entire family and network of friends.” She chose to return to her hometown and die alongside her people rather than remain safe in Germany. She stated, “I am willing to devote my life to save others.” I shall give up my body and spirit for the sake of liberty. “I want to assist as many Ukrainians as I can.” For more information, keep an eye on this space.

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