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Maryam Nawaz Allegedly Video is About To Leak, “I have seen that video”

According to ARY News, a video of Maryam Nawaz is about to be leaked very soon. This video is from the time when she was in NAB custody. When the NAB staff enters the room, Maryam Nawaz quickly hides under the mobile pillow and sits upstairs.

Anchor Imran Riaz Khan reaction about leak video Maryam Nawaz

Anchor Imran Riaz Khan has claimed that he has watched the video.

Dr Shahbaz Gill reaction about leak video Maryam Nawaz

On the alleged video, Shahbaz Gill tweeted, “Who delivered the phone to Maryam Safdar. How was it hidden? Who was involved. Who was contacted? The details are clear. I can’t believe which force from then on.” It was in action. If you watch the video, you will repent.

The real faces of the people will be visible and the acting of Baji will be seen. ”

Allegedly Maryam Nawaz Viral Video Full HD on Twitter, Reddit

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