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Major Development in Sara Inam’s murder case

During the investigation into Sarah Inam’s murder on Tuesday, the Capital Police found a Kalashnikov that was not legally owned in Shahnawaz Amir’s possession, along with the victim’s purse and Mercedes.

Shahnawaz has already been taken into custody by the police after his Canadian wife’s alleged murder. According to reports, Shahnawaz admitted to the crime and said that he “thought” his wife was having an affair. They were together for just three months of their marriage.

At Shahnawaz’s home in Chak Shahzad, Islamabad, a purse reportedly belonged to the murdered Sarah Inam.

The deceased’s pocketbook, US dollar debit, and credit cards, and UAE money were all found. The Mercedes was also discovered by the police team while searching Shahnawaz’s home.

The police have so far been unable to locate Sarah Inam’s passport or cellphone.

Following the discovery of the illegal weapon, a new FIR has been filed against the suspect Shahnawaz Amir.

The mother of Shahnawaz and senior journalist Ayaz Amir’s ex-wife received pre-arrest bail on Tuesday from the court.

Sameena Shah, Shahnawaz’s mother, has also received a warrant for her arrest in this matter but has not yet been detained.

Asserting that the FIR was “false and frivolous,” Sameena asked the court to accept her pre-arrest bail plea and that she was unrelated to the case or the murder. The petition stated that “her name is being mentioned by the media that an application has been moved for her arrest.”


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