Main suspects in the Layyah p*ornography scandal have been detained

The primary suspect in the Layyah pornography scandal, Shehbaz alias Rana Wasim, was taken into custody by the police.

According to the sources, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) received praise from the Additional IG South Punjab for the arrest of the main suspect in the Layyah pornography case.

He claimed that SP Rab Nawaz Tala and his team worked day and night to apprehend the main suspect Shehbaz alias Rana Waseem, a resident of Chowk-e-Azam, with the aid of a locator.

The incident was strictly noted by Additional IG South Punjab Dr. Ehsan Sadiq after Masamat Kiran Bibi, whose real name is Saima Farhan, moved to Layyah Police Station on August 11 to perform pornography with her using a dog and also recorded a video of the abuse. The creation of a Joint Investigation Team was given the go-ahead (JIT).

Shehbaz, Kiran’s husband, personally took the pornographic dog from Chak No. 298/TDA and gave it back to Akhlaq Ahmed. Shahzeb also produced the pornographic video.

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