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Madison Cawthorn Cousin Lea*ked Video Viral On Reddit, Twitter

A video of politician Madison Cawthorn went viral on Twitter earlier this month. The video was NS*FW, and when it went viral, several things from the other side of the committee were revealed, prompting Madison to be investigated. He was charged instead with failing to submit financial disclosures to the House of Representatives. He was sending all of the money to his cousin Stephen L. Smith, according to various screenshots. Madison was fired from his job after an official complaint was filed against him on Monday.

Mr. David Wheeler, the chairman of American Muckrakers, stated during the filing of the complaint that Smith and Madison were living together, and that he was sending money to his cousin Smith.

Madison Cawthorn Cousin’s Video Has Been Lea*ked

As soon as the screenshots were released, all of the missing financial details were filled in. After he was charged by several media outlets, including the Daily Mail, a video of him in a car saying something perso*nal was released. The video showed him with an unknown man who was touching him in his priva*te areas while they both talked to each other. Both of them stated that they desired someone who was nak*ed beneath their hand. It was revealed after the camera was turned that the cameraman was none other than his cousin.

People were initially unaware that he was Madison’s cousin; however, after some party representatives confirmed that he was Madison’s cousin,

Wikipedia and Biography of Madison Cawthorn Cousin

The news quickly spread throughout the city. Wheeler later posted screenshots of payments he made to his cousin between June 2018 and January 2019 on social media. It was discovered that they were in a physical relationship because the screenshots contained messages that clearly indicated that they were dating.

The message said, “Love me every night,” “The airport thing was in a rush,” “Nak*ed,” and “Get out of Sweden for me.” Despite the fact that all of this was right in front of his eyes as proof, his representative called it ridiculous.

According to Wheeler’s complaint, the missing financial details were gifted to Smith. He also requested that an investigation be conducted to see if the relationship between these two violated any House rules or bylaws. Madison’s supporter claimed that the PAC’s claims were false, and that they cannot be in a relationship because they are cousins. However, the video revealed something else.

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