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Machhli – Story, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Howto Watch

Machhli: Priyanka Chaurasia Stars in Ullu's Latest Romance Drama

Machhli, the latest web series from the popular OTT app Ullu, has captivated audiences with its intriguing mix of romance, drama, and fantasy. Featuring the talented Priyanka Chaurasia in the lead role, this series promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Plot Overview

Machhlii tells the compelling story of Palak and Tanmay, two lovebirds whose desire to marry faces strong opposition from their families. In a desperate bid to stay together, they flee to a love hostel, a sanctuary for couples like them. However, the hostel harbors dark secrets. Palak soon discovers that many couples have mysteriously disappeared from the hostel. The series unfolds as Palak and Tanmay navigate these perilous circumstances, making it a must-watch for fans of suspenseful romantic dramas.

Why You Should Watch Machhli on Ullu

Gripping Storyline: The plot of Machhlii offers a fresh take on the romance genre, blending it seamlessly with elements of mystery and fantasy.
Stellar Cast: The series boasts a talented cast including Priyanka Chaurasia, Sanyam Rohilla (Tanmay), Gaurav Singh (Guddu), and Minakshi Devi (Mehek).
High Production Value: As with other Ullu productions, Machhlii features high-quality production, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.
Exclusive Content: Available exclusively on the Ullu app, Machhlii is a treat for subscribers looking for original and engaging content.

Machhli Part 2 Trailer | Ullu Originals | Release: April 19

Machhli Part 2 Trailer | Ullu Originals | Release: April 19

Cast and Crew

Main Cast: Priyanka Chaurasia, Sanyam Rohilla (Tanmay), Gaurav Singh (Guddu), Minakshi Devi (Mehek)
Language: Hindi
Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Release Date: 12 April 2024
Season: 1
Number of Episodes: 4
Episode Runtime: 25 Minutes
Director: N/A

Machhli | Part – 02 | Official Trailer Youtube

Episode Breakdown

Each episode of Machhlii web series runs for approximately 25 minutes, making it a perfect binge-watch for a weekend. With just four episodes in its first season, the series maintains a tight narrative that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish.

Where to Watch

Machhli is available exclusively on the Ullu app. To watch this thrilling web series, download the Ullu app from the app store and subscribe to their service. Ullu continues to deliver diverse and high-quality content, and Machhlii is no exception.

Machhli Part 2 Trailer | Ullu Originals | Release: April 19


Machhli is more than just a love story; it’s a blend of romance, drama, and fantasy that unravels a mystery with each episode. With a strong cast, engaging plot, and high production values, it’s no wonder Machhlii is quickly becoming a fan favorite on the Ullu app. Don’t miss out on this exciting series—start watching Machhlii today!

For the latest updates on Machhli and other web series, stay tuned to the Ullu app and follow their social media channels.

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