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Lorri Haines ‘White Powder’ Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit

Lorri Haines’ “White Powder” video goes viral on social media: WATCH

On social media, a clip from an episode of the reality show First Time Mum is going viral. And that video is about Lorri Haines, Ferne McCann’s boyfriend. Her boyfriend, according to the source, was moved to tears by the video. Lorri Haines’ alleged video, in which he is seen with a suspicious white power. His reaction to the video, however, stunned everyone.

People are now eager to learn more about this topic. However, after reading numerous reports and news articles, we decided to write this article. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn more about this topic. It is recommended that you stay on this page and read through all of the sections listed below.

White Powder by Lorri Haines

What is in the video and why did he cry after seeing his video? This is the most anticipated question in relation to this headline. Lorri Haines is a Dubai-based entrepreneur and businesswoman. He also apologised to his girlfriend for the video breaking out. According to reports, the Dubai-based businessman can be seen in the video taking drugs. Now, this video has gotten a lot of attention on the internet. Continue reading to learn more about this subject.

White Powder Video by Lorri Haines Goes Viral on Twitter

Lorri Haines is currently 31 years old, and his girlfriend is also 31 years old. Lorri Haines’ alleged video was discovered on the internet on Sunday, while he was on vacation with his partner and children. Lorri’s drug video caught Ferne’s attention while she was on vacation in the Maldives. After watching the video, Ferne would remain speechless. To learn more about this subject, keep reading this article.

White Powder Explained by Lorri Haines

Ferne McCann, a former TOWIE star, has already stated that she plans to marry him by the time she turns 32. Lorri Haines said something to her. “I am a burden to you,” Lorri admitted, “I just feel so guilty.” What exactly have I done to you? I’d like to express my regret to you. I know I’ve disappointed you; I’ve lost everything.” Lorri Haines was crying as he said these lines to his partner. Keep an eye on this video.


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