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Lock Upp contestant Anjali Arora’s MMS controversy is finally discussed by Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed: A social media sensation, Urfi Javed has spoken out against Indian society’s misogynistic attitudes. But she also offered Anjali Arora, a different social media influencer and Lock Upp contestant, her support.
Anjali Arora’s MMS video was online Viral a while back. Although Anjali had previously claimed that she was not in that particular clip, her fans were absolutely certain that it was her. Now that Anjali and that Viral clip have been addressed, the Bigg Boss OTT fame has spoken.

Urfi Javed offers to help.

In response to a question regarding Anjali Arora’s MMS video, Urfi Javed said, “Even if it is her and she didn’t want the video to be out. Even if it is Viral, she is still the victim in this situation. Why don’t you guys understand it? Whether she did it or another girl caught the act on camera and the video Viral, she is still the victim. For herself alone, she made the video. She didn’t want the world to see it”.

Urfi continued, “That girl must be going through a lot because it’s difficult to handle when your private photos or videos are displayed in front of everyone. From the inside, you feel naked. You are being constantly internalized sexualized.”

Blame Game is brought up by Urfi Javed.

Urfi Javed continued, “If anyone is trying to Viral it then he is the victim,” when discussing the status of women in our nation. In India, victims are still blamed. If a girl is raped, people blame her for choosing clothes. People want to portray girls in a negative way. India calls girls witches; blame them. If a girl does something, people point fingers at her.”

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