Leaked audio: Imran Khan allegedly spoke with Azam Khan using a US cypher.

The alleged audio of Imran Khan, chairman of the PTI, has leaked, leading to significant disclosures about the US cipher.

Imran Khan is heard telling Prime Minister’s Secretary Azam Khan in an audio clip that has gone viral on Twitter, “Now we have only to play, not to name America, just to play.” Azam Khan responded, “I was thinking that a meeting should be held over this cipher. Additionally, this date was already set.”

If you remember, the ambassador wrote to demarche at the end, Azam Khan is heard saying in the audio clip. If not, I’ve given it a lot of nighttime thought. You stated that they called. Then I considered how to cover it.

The former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the foreign secretary should meet, according to Azam Khan in the video. The letter will be read by Shah Mahmood Qureshi before being converted into a copy. I’ll finish what the foreign secretary made in a few minutes, he declared.

Azam Khan is heard saying in the purported audio clip, “The analysis will be done in the minutes of his choice, which will be that it is a threat so that the minutes are in the official records. It is known as a threat in diplomatic jargon.

  • Post published:September 28, 2022
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