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Layyah bestiality case: Police say the former victim was a member of the gang

In the “Layyah bestiality case,” Kiran Bibi, the alleged victim of gang rape, has been identified by the police as a gang member.

According to sources, the dog’s owner was given to the police on a three-day judicial remand while the accused, Kiran Bibi, appeared before a court.

Police are still looking for the main accused Rana Wasim aka Shah Zeib.

22-year-old Kiran claimed last week that she was held hostage, gang-rap*ed, and videotaped under duress in Punjab’s Layyah.

Kiran claimed that after being summoned to appear in a dispute, she was kidnapped in Layyah’s Chowk Azam and was gang rap*ed there.

The victim claimed that on July 3, she was abducted by the three defendants, Shaukat, Waseem Alvi, and Abrar Asad, with the help of Sana. They allegedly gang-rap*ed her for five days there in Azam Chowk. The accused then blackmailed the woman by recording her being rap*ed by a dog and posting the footage to international p*ornographic websites.

She asserted that p*ornographic gangs call their victims while posing as friends, then kidnap, gang-rap*e, and use video blackmail to demand money from them. These gangs make money by posting videos of dogs being trained to commit rap*e on websites in other nations.

Later, a nine-member JIT was established with a seven-day reporting deadline to look into a Layyah gang rap*e and animal p*ornography incident.

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