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Latest updates, Zahir Jaffer denies murdering Noor Mukadam.

Zahir Jaffer, the key suspect in the murder of Noor Mukadam, has disputed the charges levelled against him.

The new development comes nearly four months after a federal capital sessions court accused Zahir Jaffer and other suspects in the case.

In his most recent statement, the key suspect stated that Noor Mukadam had organised a party at his home and that he was high on drugs that night when the event occurred.

“Hours later, when I regained consciousness, I found myself tied up in the lounge,” he explained. Zahir Jaffer reported that he was rescued by police and civilians.

“Later, I discovered that Noor Mukadam had been murdered by someone in the party or else one,” the suspect alleged.

Zahir Jaffer said that Noor’s father, Shaukat Mukadam, a former Pakistani diplomat, was wrongfully implicating him in the crime.

Following his remarks, the court delayed the case to February 14.

The murder case came to light after Zahir was apprehended from his residence in F-7/4 on July 20, 2021, where he killed Noor Mukadam, daughter of former Pakistani ambassador Shaukat Ali Mukadam, after holding her hostage over the breakup.

On July 24, police detained Zahir’s parents and their slaves on suspicion of concealing evidence and being involved in the murder.

Based on the former ambassador’s remarks, they were included in the inquiry into the murder case.

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