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Kursi – Story, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Howto Watch

Kursi Unveiled: Meet the Cast, Learn the Story, and Mark Your Calendar for the Release Date

PrimeShots, the renowned OTT platform, has recently unveiled its latest offering in the realm of digital entertainment – the web series titled “Kursi.” This amalgamation of Drama, Romance, and Fantasy has garnered attention since its release on 11th December 2023. As enthusiasts delve into the intriguing storyline, many find themselves curious about the talented individuals who bring the characters to life. In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of the cast, lead actress, director, and key details surrounding the Kursi web series.

Cast and Crew Details:


Sofiya Shaikh takes the lead, capturing the essence of the characters woven into the fabric of “Kursi.”


The visionary behind the series is yet to be updated. The director plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative, and their identity is eagerly awaited by the audience.
Release Information:

Release Date:

Kursi made its debut on 11th December 2023, marking a significant moment for PrimeShots and its subscribers.
OTT Platform:

Exclusively available on PrimeShots, Kursi promises a unique viewing experience for audiences immersed in the digital streaming landscape.

Genre and Language:


Kursi stands as a versatile creation, blending elements of Drama, Romance, and Fantasy. This amalgamation of genres adds layers to the storyline, catering to a diverse audience.


The web series is presented in Hindi, allowing a broad spectrum of viewers to engage with its narrative and connect with the characters on a deeper level.

Teaser and Expectations:

Official Trailer:

While the official trailer is yet to be released at the time of this article, it is anticipated to offer a glimpse into the enchanting world of Kursi. Viewers can look forward to this preview, which will set the stage for the drama, romance, and fantasy that unfolds within the series.


In the realm of digital storytelling, “Kursi” emerges as a promising addition, boasting a captivating blend of genres and a talented cast. As audiences explore the narrative depths crafted by the yet-to-be-revealed director, the series holds the potential to leave a lasting impact on the landscape of web entertainment. Stay tuned for the official trailer, and in the meantime, immerse yourself in the world of Kursi, where drama, romance, and fantasy converge in a tapestry of engaging storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the Kursi web series:

Q: When was the Kursi web series released?

A: The Kursi web series was released on December 11, 2023.

Q: Who is the lead actress in the Kursi web series?

A: Sofiya Shaikh is the lead actress in the Kursi web series.

Q: Can I watch the Kursi web series on any OTT platform?

A: Yes, the Kursi web series is exclusively available on PrimeShots.

Q: In which language is the Kursi web series available?

A: The Kursi web series is presented in Hindi.

Q: Is the official trailer for the Kursi web series available?

A: The official trailer for the Kursi web series is expected to be released soon.

Q: How many episodes are there in the Kursi web series?

A: The total number of episodes in the Kursi web series has not been disclosed as of now.

Q: Who is the director of the Kursi web series?

A: The director of the Kursi web series has not been officially announced yet.

Q: Are English subtitles available for the Kursi web series?

A: Yes, English subtitles are provided for a wider audience to enjoy the Kursi web series.

Q: Can I binge-watch the entire Kursi series at once?

A: Yes, all episodes of the Kursi web series were released simultaneously, allowing for a binge-watching experience.

Q: How can I subscribe to PrimeShots to watch the Kursi web series?

A: You can subscribe to PrimeShots through their official website or app to access the Kursi web series and other exclusive content.

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