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Kim Kardashian reacts on Kanye West’s after criticism of his daughter

Kim Kardashian delivers a statement in response to Kanye West’s criticism of her daughter’s TikTok video.

Kim Kardashian made an Instagram comment in response to Kanye West’s criticism of their daughter’s TikTok video.

“Kanye’s frequent assaults on me in interviews and on social media are perhaps more damaging than a TikTok North.

As the primary provider and caretaker for our children, I am trying my best to safeguard our daughter while still allowing her to grow.

With adult guidance, she is free to express her creativity in any media she chooses.”

Earlier, Kanye shared a clip of North’s video on Instagram, writing, “Since this is my first divorce, I need to know what I should do about my daughter being posted on TikTok without my will?”

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