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Keyla Ramalho Alves Viral Videos and Photos on Twitter, Facebook


Brazilian volleyball player best known for serving as EC Pinheiros’ libero. She is a model who has gained popularity because of her KEY. ALVEES has a profile on Instagram.
Keyla Ramalho Alves will be 22 years old in 2022.
In 2017, she began competing for Sesi Bauru U19.

She updates her 210,000-follower Instagram page with volleyball and modelling pictures.

She shared a photo shoot video with Cardi B’s song “Up” in it.

Felipe Franco and she are in a committed relationship.

Keyla Ramalho Alves Viral Videos and Photos

The athlete admitted, according to the most recent reports, that she joined the platform in order to make a sizable sum of money. Even she acknowledges that it is her main source of income. Whether you like it or not, today is my biggest income, the player claims. I see myself as an entrepreneur, model, influencer, athlete, and businesswoman. She claims that compared to her profession, she makes 50 times as much money on the digital platform. She told a significant media outlet that specific information.

But even after acknowledging that she is making enough money, she doesn’t post any crude or se*xually explic*it material. She only takes entirely professional photos, and none of the posts that she uploads to her account are inappr*opriate. She claims that no one will find anything if they check her account with lustful intentions. Even more so, she explici*tly stated that nothing similar could be found on her account in a warning to all online users. Alves, a professional volleyball player, has elevated herself to the status of an influencer because the sport is thriving and has a bright future.

She claimed to be a professional athlete in one of her statements, but she still prioritises side jobs in the hopes of raising her online profile as well. The player amassed a sizable fan base on Instagram and revealed that she used to tell her parents that she didn’t want to be known for her attractive appearance but rather for her versatility in her line of work.

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