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Kate, Prince William flaunt their dance skills, video goes viral

When Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton danced with the Garifuna community in Belize, they showed off their dancing skills and won the hearts of royal fans.

On Saturday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began their tour of the Caribbean in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

On the second day of their Caribbean tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton danced at a traditional Garifuna festival in Belize.

Hello Magazine’s royal editor “The Dancing Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,” Emily Nash captioned a video of the royal couple dancing on Twitter. Their abilities received mixed reviews; the children I spoke with believed William needed more practise!”

Emily Nash also had the opportunity to speak with the lady who danced with Prince William.

“But Laura Cacho, who danced with William, said he shook his waist to the music,” she tweeted. He had a lovely sense of timing. It was a pleasure for me to participate. Kate, she added, was “excellent.” They were swaying their waists like it was no big deal.”

On social media, the video of their dance has gone viral.

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