Kate Middleton to play piano on Christmas

Kate Middleton is prepared to wow royal fans this holiday season.

The Duchess of Cambridge is getting ready to show off her piano abilities for the rest of the world during her special Christmas concert, Together at Christmas.

Kate, who shared the teaser on her official royal account, surprised fans when she comes up to the piano, takes a seat, and weaves her fingers on the keyboard to delight the crowd.


“Oh wow! I’m speechless. What other skills are you hiding, Catherine?” comments on fan excitedly on the teaser post. “I can’t wait to watch this!”

adds another.

“You are this beautiful, this kind, this genuine, this strong, this gracious, this graceful, this adorable and you also play piano?”

gushes a royal admirer.

Together at Christmas will be broadcast at 7.30pm on ITV.


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