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Kate Middleton is becoming more “chatty” and “engaged.”

According to a royal expert, Kate Middleton is emulating her mother-in-law Princess Diana.

Ingrid Seward said on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat that Kate is kind with her children, exactly like late Diana was.

“She chats away. She talks a lot, and she has suddenly become more like Diana actually. Really chatting with people and engaging with them in a personal way, telling them little bits about herself.”

Earlier in the week, Ms Seward told The Mirror: “She is patient, and has the ability to listen.

“And she has discovered she has this ability with people, she is very good with the very young and the very old. That is like Diana was.”

Ms Seward continued:

“Today there is definitely ­confidence and poise there. She has learnt to overcome her shyness.”

Kate would be marking her 40th birthday with husband Prince William this Sunday. The couple is reportedly ringing in a private birthday bash.

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