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Kate Middleton’s Playing piano video goes viral

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, left millions of admirers in awe with her piano talents during the Westminster Abbey Christmas concert, and the video of it has gone viral.

On Saturday, Westminster Abbey will broadcast a Christmas carol concert.
Kate Middleton performed in public for the first time with singer-songwriter Tom Walker.
The footage of the Duchess performing on the piano was released on the official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The video was uploaded with caption:

“A very special performance of ‘For Those Who Can’t Be Here’ with @IAmTomWalker for #TogetherAtChristmas.”

The touching message quickly gathered millions of likes.
Over five million royal admirers have watched Kate Middleton’s piano video to date.

One fan wrote,

“THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE IS AN AMAZING PIANIST their performance was so beautiful and I’m so proud of her.”

Another said,

“So talented in so many ways!!!”.

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