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Kashee’s Salon harassed TikToker Sehar Hayat video went viral

Kashif Aslam is regarded as one of Pakistan’s top makeup artists and influencers. Kashif owns and operates Kashee’s Salon, a make-up salon with locations around Pakistan. On this subject, there are no two points of view. Girls are eager to visit this parlour in order to prepare for their wedding. Because he alters the appearance of girls in such a way that they no longer appear to be ordinary.

Kashif Aslam’s new location in Lahore opened just a few days ago. The branch’s opening ceremony was also attended by well-known Pakistani actors. Meanwhile, Sehar Hayat, Pakistan’s most popular TikToker, blogger, and influencer, has been invited to the event. However, an awful incident occurred at the same moment, and Sehar Khan felt abused in Kashee Salon.

Sehar Hayat, a TikTok star, recently released a video on her social media account detailing her bad experience at Kashee’s salon with her friends and followers. According to the influencer, she was invited to the salon multiple times, but when she arrived, she was kept waiting for hours before being treated brutally and poorly by the Karachi staff.

Watch the whole thing!


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