Karachi: boy arrested for mistreating an Australian YouTuber

On his visit to Karachi beach, police arrested a boy who robbed a well-known foreign Youtuber named Duke Damant.

According to reports, police in Jinnah Colony arrested the owner of a horse for defrauding a foreign tourist and demanding additional money. The boy, Zubair, was arrested outside his home, according to police, but the incident is still under investigation.

Zubair gave Duke Damant, a YouTuber, a horse ride a few days ago. After that, he demanded Rs 3000 for the ride, which is a large sum; the average cost of such a ride is Rs200. However, a local resident who was present at the time took care of the situation.

In addition, after Zubair’s arrest, the police released a video of him apologising for the entire incident. Luke expressed his gratitude to the Karachi police for the arrest on the social networking site Twitter after his arrest.

He also suggested that the cops be a little more forgiving with him. Luke expressed his hope that he would learn from the incident and not repeat it in the future.

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