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Kamila Smogulecka (Zusje) Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

Kamila Smogulecka (Zusje) Wiki, Bio, Height, Age, Husband

Famous Polish actress, model, MMA fighter, social media influencer, content creator, Youtuber, and businesswoman Kamila Smogulecka hails from Lodz, Poland. She has a stellar reputation in the industry for her MMA fighting prowess. Kamila is an MMA fighter as well as a well-known actress.

On October 12, 1995, Kamila Smogulecka was born in Lodz, Poland. She was raised in a Christian family. Smogulecka’s age as of her birth date is 26. (as of 2021). She grew up in a wealthy family where she was born. According to reports, Kamila battled a drug addiction the entire time she was an undergraduate. She graduated from an accredited college with a bachelor’s degree. She then started working in the entertainment industry.

Kamila Smogulecka’s height and weight

She has a lovely body and a fantastic, cool personality. Kamila Smogulecka is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 60 kilogrammes. She is healthy and has a nice body figure. Her eyes are blue, and she has black hair.

Net Worth of Kamila Smogulecka

What is the net worth of Kamila Smogulecka? Through her professional MMA career, Kamila makes a living. Not only that, but she also earns money through her career in entertainment. It is thought that Kamila Smogulecka is worth between $800,000 and $850,000. (approx.). She has additionally worked with numerous brands.

Who is dating Kamila Smogulecka?

Currently engaged in a relationship is Kamila Smogulecka. But there is no reliable information available about her relationship. Additionally, she has worked with a number of well-known singers and models. Smogulecka is currently working to advance his MMA fighting career. But she gives no details about her previous romantic or romantic relationships. We’ll soon update the information on her boyfriend.

Kamila Smogulecka (Zusje) Career

She currently has a win under her belt according to her professional wrestling records. On March 28, 2020, she made her debut in Glory MMA 6, competing against Martha Linkevich in the same tournament. In the same year, on November 21st of 2020, Zusje took part in the FMMA 8.
Zusje initially started out as Luxuria Astaroth in the workplace. One of Donatana’s early production hits, “Nie lubimy do,” which she appeared in, has a music video. Within a short period of time, the stunning beauty caught the attention of the media and her fans, and she has since been in the spotlight.

She also contributed to the 2014 Anna Kaz edzhak movie “The Promise.” Her original songs and music videos, such as “First Snow/Sweat,” “Yours,” and “Changes/Now,” have all been released.

Who Is Mma Fighter Zusje Official?

According to reports, Kamila Smogulecka, aka Zusjeofficial Mma Fighter, is a well-known model with a long list of accomplishments to her name. Despite this, her career continues to face significant pressure. She is an MMA fighter and police model who has a sizable fan base, so when her name entered the spotlight while starring in the viral video, everything was turned upside down. So that nothing could be hidden from the eyes of social media users who are looking ahead to learn more about the content creator, heavy searches are observed on the appropriate keyword.

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