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Juan De Dios Pantoja’s video Filtrado Pack went viral on Twitter.

Uncountable viral scand*als appear on social networking sites these days, and almost every time, these incidents spark widespread discussion among everyone, especially those who come to scroll their daily feeds to keep up with world events. However, since the viral videos began to circulate, everything has been turned upside down because there is rarely a sober one, and these incidents frequently contain the inappr**opriate ones. Something similar is happening with singer Huan de Dios, who has been dogged by contr*oversies from all sides as a result of his deed.

According to exclusive reports or sources, only a few hours have passed since the exploit was carried out while sharing the “Po**ogr*aphy Clip” on social media, but the video has received a massive response, with almost everyone sharing their reactions to the action. Because whenever something inapp*ropriate makes the news on social media, it piques people’s curiosity and makes them want to know everything. As a result, heavy searches for the singer’s name have been observed, as everyone is eager to learn more about his future endeavours, as he has been making headlines to this point.

He allegedly shared some inappr*opriate photos on social media, along with the recording, which drew suspicion while catching the heat. As a result, as soon as everyone becomes acquainted with him, their ecstatic reactions make the news. This is why a slew of people are spouting their opinions on social media while linked to his accounts, through which he has abandoned everything, despite the fact that social media is a platform where nothing takes long to go viral. As a result, he is still the topic of conversation for everyone, and untold numbers of searches are being conducted on his name.

Until now, Juan de Dios has made no comments or statements about the incident, implying that he did so knowingly; in fact, some netizens are dismissing it as a publicity stunt to gain followers while remaining consistent in the spotlight. So far, we’ve covered everything that has been derived from other sources, and now a few more will be revealed. In short, you’ll have to wait a little longer to become acquainted with more, but if you want to get the video so you can search for it, you can do so now.

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