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Journalist Imran Riaz Khan arrested from Islamabad toll plaza Viral Video on Twitter

Imran Riaz Khan, a senior journalist, was detained at the Islamabad Toll Plaza, local media reported on Tuesday.

According to information, the journalist was reportedly detained by police and Rangers personnel. Imran Riaz Khan’s attorney, Mian Ali Ashfaque, told the media that his client had been arrested at the Islamabad Toll Plaza.

Imran Riaz Khan was detained outside of Punjab, according to Punjab Law Minister Malik Ahmed Khan, because the province has many FIRs filed against him.

He claimed it was incorrect to believe the journalist was being held outside of Islamabad’s purview.

He continued by saying that the suspect was taken into custody in the Rawalpindi division’s Attock district.

He claimed that Imran Riaz Khan cannot be detained in accordance with the unequivocal orders of the Islamabad High Court and described the arrest as an act of judicial disobedience.

Imran Riaz Khan has been the subject of 30 FIRs, according to Mian Ali, all of which have been dropped after the Islamabad High Court granted him bail.

A number of FIRs against journalists had previously been filed in a number of cities, including Muzzafargarh and Sargodha.

The allegations state that the anchor’s actions were a serious crime and a violation of the Constitution because they hurt the feelings of Pakistani citizens.

Imran Riaz Khan Last Video before arrested from Islamabad Viral Video

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