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Journalist Ayaz Amir’s son Shahnawaz being detained for killing his wife Sarah Inam Rathore

Senior journalist Ayaz Amir made a statement to the media regarding his son Shahnawaz’s murder of his daughter-in-law.

Shahnawaz, the son of respected journalist Ayaz Amir, allegedly murdered Sarah Inam Rathore in the Chak Shahzad neighbourhood of Islamabad.

Spokesman According to Islamabad Police, Shahnawaz, the son of Ayaz Amir, has been detained, the incident’s forensics have been finished, and the deceased’s body has been transported to the hospital for an autopsy.

Senior journalist Ayaz Amir said that such an incident should not happen to anyone and that no one should have to experience this shock while speaking to the media at Chak Shehzad Fam House about it.

When asked about his son Shahnawaz’s intoxication during the incident, Ayaz Ameer responded, “What can I say about it, this is a legal matter.”

The circumstances surrounding Sarah Inam Rathore, who was the daughter-in-law of respected journalist Ayaz Amir, have been made public.

The sources claim that Ayaz Amir’s daughter-in-law arrived in Pakistan from Dubai a day earlier and purchased a car once there.

According to family sources, the deceased Sarah Inam Rathore, 37, was employed in Dubai and the two of them had recently been married for three months.

According to sources, Sarah Inam Rathore and Shahnawaz had a fight the day before, during which Shahnawaz allegedly struck Sara in the head with an iron object.

According to sources, Shahnawaz put unconscious Sara in the bathroom tub and turned on the water after she had fainted due to a head injury. This resulted in Sara’s death.

When she saw these scenes, Ayaz Amir’s ex-wife—who was present at the farmhouse at the time—told the police, according to additional sources.

All of the evidence, including the murder weapon, was removed from the scene by the police forensic team and taken to a lab for analysis.

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