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Journalist Alisha Grauso Getting Rap*e Threats After Viral Tweet

According to insider information or sources, it all started with a Tweet she issued on July 2, 2022, in which she made a comment that was interpreted negatively by some. As a result, she began receiving threats shortly after, both personally and on social media, as well as from her own neighbours. Even a small number of people stated that she should not have offended them in the manner in which she did, and as a result, she must make amends. Due to the current conditions, she ceased going outside as well during all of this, but she had not even considered that she would be required to pay such a large sum as a result of her statement.

What Actions Took Alisha Grauso?

She reportedly posted a message on Twitter stating that she didn’t feel like celebrating Independence Day this year and asking whether there were any other Americans who felt the same way. As a result, she is not about to cheer for this country at the moment. After posting this, she made another Tweet, which later attracted attention and turned into a sore point in her throat that she does not even spit out or swallow.

This explains why despite several threats and requests for her to retract her statements as quickly as possible, she remained silent despite them. However, given that the accounts indicate that she was initially raped to death, we will hold off on making any claims until solid evidence is presented. Because only a small number of tales are still making headlines and generating excitement, even though the true story may be somewhat different, So please remain tuned with us and we’ll let you know as soon as something is released.

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