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Jimtown High School Teacher lea**ked video gone viral

On the internet, a video of Jimtown High School teacher Mike Hosinski has surfaced. The video is currently going viral across all social media platforms. However, we frequently see people perform strange things in videos to gain public attention. We watch a teacher severely assaulting his kid outside the classroom in this video. Although there are stringent laws in place in many nations for teachers who are violent towards their kids.

Mike Hosinski, a Jimtown High School teacher, is featured in this video.

We’ve had Mike Hosinski Viral Video on the internet for more than 24 hours. The press is currently covering the storey on its various news channels.

According to accounts, teacher Mike has stated that he will resign following his performance. The Baugo school has said that the suspension letter would be forwarded to the Baugo Community Schools eductor.

On Friday morning, the incident occurred. We can see how a teacher slammed a student’s head against the wall in this video. According to reports, a person suffered brain injuries. We should also mention that the video is 40 seconds long and is available on a variety of social media platforms.

We chose this topic for you because it is currently trending on social media. After such an activity, the majority of people have inquired about student safety and precautions.

After brutally slapping a student, a Jimtown High School teacher was fired.

Despite this, the Baugo School District took action and issued a statement stating that Mike Hosinski will be suspended. “Any activity that jeopardises the safety of any pupils will be swiftly, directly, and seriously addressed,” they added. The student, according to accounts, was a young boy who was severely abused by a teacher.

We’ve received statements from both the school and the pupils. They claimed that teacher Mike collapsed to the ground after hitting his head on the wall. He appeared to be unconscious for a brief moment.

“The safety of students attending Baugo community Schools is our highest concern and biggest duty,” Baugo school remarked. Continue to visit our website for more breaking news.

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