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Jhanvi Kapoor wore such tight fitting at Sonam’s birthday party

There’s no denying that Jhanvi Kapoor‘s fashion sense has improved dramatically in recent years. Not only has she experimented with her appearance, but this stunning lady has caused a stir on the internet with her attractiveness.

Janhvi Kapoor, a Bollywood actress, is one of those stunning women who seem like glam queens when clothed in a blazing hot avatar. This is due to Jhanvi’s innate attractiveness as well as her slim-trim physique, which she takes great care of from upkeep to style. This is also one of the reasons why, despite her new age-effortless and current fashion sense, this lovely lady looks excellent in every outfit. Her easygoing demeanour is reflected in the way she wears, yet she still has a sense of flair and enjoyment.

Yes, it is a separate issue that in the quest of following trends, such Jhanvi looks emerge, which devotees are impossible to shake from their hearts and thoughts. One such incarnation of this Bala was observed when she arrived to attend Sonam Kapoor’s birthday bash. During this time, Jhanvi had chosen outfits that showcased not only her toned shape but also her incredibly bo*ld avatar, which made everyone clean bo*ld.

Jhanvi was there during Sonam’s birthday celebration.

Actually, this entire incident is from 2019, when B-town celebs used to spend their birthdays not just with friends, but also with photographers prior to the Corona age. When Sonam Kapoor’s birthday arrived, she threw a celebration for her family and friends, and other family members including Malaika Arora-Arjun Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, and Janhvi Kapoor joined her.

Jhanvi chose a skinnyfit dress that complemented her height to body type at this star-studded affair, while the birthday girl Sonam wore a silver metallic skirt with a white top.

Jhanvi looks stunning in a white gown.

Jhanvi Kapoor, the queen of high-glam looks, donned a white figure-hanging gown that set significant fashion ambitions. The pattern of the dress was preserved bodycon, which resulted in a distinct impact in the style of this lovely slimming beauty.

Janhvi’s clothing was composed of elastic material, and medical gloves were added for mobility. Simultaneously, the outfit’s hemline was given a flat free look, which boosted the se*xy aspect and made the entire look bo*ld.

stylishly styled

Jhanvi’s clothing pattern was retained till the upper thigh, and her length was also gaining a good grace. Being short in length, the actress not only showed off her height in this costume, but the deep U-shaped fascinating neckline also skillfully showed off her flesh, producing the opposite impression.

Jhanvi, on the other hand, did not include any distracting elements in this design, so the region surrounding the face became the focal point.

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