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Is Noor Mukadam going to get justice?

The long-awaited verdict in the case of Noor Mukadam, whose gruesome murder horrified the whole country last July, will be announced.

The reserved verdict in the murder case of Noor Mukadam against major suspect Zahir Jaffer will be announced by a session court in Islamabad. The question now is whether Jaffer will be found guilty after seven months of delay in an open and close case. Will justice be done in the case of Noor Mukadam?

Noor Mukadam Murder

On July 20, 2021, Noor, a 27-year-old woman, was found brutally killed inside a home in Islamabad’s posh Sector F-7/4. The following day, a first information report was filed against Zahir Jaffer, who was apprehended near the crime scene.

The reason behind the murder of Noor Mukadam

Zahir Jeffer, the main suspect in Noor Mukadam’s murder, was formally charged with the crime by an Islamabad court in October 2021. Along with Zahoor, two of the family’s employees, Jamil and Jan Mohammad, were also accused.

Noor Mukadam was tortured and raped before her head was butchered. He assassinated the victim after she turned him his marriage proposal.

The U-turn by Zahir Jaffer

During a hearing, Zahir Jaffer denied committing the killing, claiming that he lost consciousness and awoke to find Noor dead. He claimed he was innocent and that Noor Mukadam’s family was attempting to frame him for financial gain.

Involvement of Zahir Jaffer’s parents

According to the investigation, despite knowing about the incident, Zahir Jaffer’s parents, Asmat Adamjee and Zakir Jaffer, failed to notify the police.

He had told Zakir Jaffer, according to the watchman. Zahir Jaffer also acknowledged that he told his father about the crime before it happened.

Noor Mukadam wasted six life-saving possibilities as a result of the active connivance of the major accused, Zahir, in her murder, according to the police challan handed to an Islamabad sessions court. “Had the accomplices acted differently, her life may have been saved,” the report said.

Report by the PFSA (Punjab Forensic Science Agency)

The PFSA study, according to the police, validates the following facts:

Noor was raped before she was died, and DNA evidence has been found.

Prior to her death, Noor sought to save her life, and Zahir’s DNA was obtained from her fingernails.

Noor Mukadam’s blood was stained on Zahir’s clothing, which was collected, and the DNA was confirmed.

Noor Mukadam was slain with a swiss knife found at the crime site, and her blood was discovered on the blood and handle.

Noor Mukadam was also assaulted with a “knuckle punch” discovered from the murder scene, which was stained with her blood.

The father of Noor Mukadam has filed an appeal.

Noor’s father had recorded his statement and begged the court to condemn Zahir Jaffer to death for allegedly murdering his daughter at a previous hearing.


Now, the session court, led by judge Atta Rabbani, has officially said that the verdict would be announced on February 24, which is tomorrow.

Is Noor Mukadam going to get her due?

According to the law, Jaffer, the murderer of Noor, should be held accountable by the court and given the death penalty. Apart from Zahir, his parents, particularly his father Zakir, should be held responsible for his son’s involvement. Senior attorneys consider that a last remark in this order was unnecessary.

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