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Is DaBaby Forcing a Kiss on an Uninterested Fan? Twitter’s Viral Video

Hello, everyone! One of the most well-known rappers and musicians is once again making headlines for another incident. This time, a video of the rapper attempting to kiss a fan has surfaced on social media; however, while some fans enjoyed the video, the situation is very different this time, as the fans were not in favour of accepting the kiss from the musician. The video has gone viral on the internet, with users mocking the rapper. Find out more about DaBaby’s forcible kissing of the fan.

According to recent reports, the 30-year-old rapper was seen interacting with a group of venue fans. However, the rapper was caught on camera hugging a fan before grabbing his head and attempting to kiss her, which did not go as planned. He failed the first time, but tried again when the fan backed away, surprised. One of the fans present videotaped the entire event and later shared it on social media.

“Y’all Go, head-on man,” DaBaby wrote alongside the video on his official Instagram account. “Me & my booboos love each other to death but ain’t no kissing going on,” he continued. According to reports, the incident occurred in February and is still attracting the attention of social media users. DaBaby is known for his close interactions, but this one went above and beyond, becoming a popular topic of conversation on the Internet. DaBaby is well-known for being a controversial celebrity in addition to being a well-known rapper.

Another video shows the rapper on a bed while another woman jumps on him in front of tens of thousands of fans at the House of Blues. He was wearing only a black hat and his gold ornaments at the time, and he was bare-chested. The video was also shared on Instagram, where it quickly went viral.

DaBaby shared the video on Instagram and even thanked her fan, praising her for not caring about people like him. As we previously stated, this is not the first time a North Carolina rapper has made the news for controversial reasons.

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