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Is Ameer Gilani and Urwa Hocane getting married?

Actor Ameer Gilani is not just Urwa Hocane’s favourite co-star, but also a very close friend.

On social media, there is a lot of discussion about whether the two performers, who rose to stardom thanks to the drama serial ‘Sabaat,’ will be the next showbiz couple. Apart from TV interviews, their social media accounts are the major source of these rumours.

They studied law together before collaborating on the drama series. The two swap images with each other on significant occasions, and Mawra’s photos with Ameer’s family became viral. Gilani is currently residing in another country.

The actor uploaded stunning photographs shot at Harvard Law School on several occasions, including a snowstorm that made Mawra miss him back in Pakistan.

Urwa Hocane scribbled sarcastically on his photo,

“Harvard MashaAllah, Ameer, we all miss you very much here.”

In reply, Ameer Gilani laughed and wrote,

“I also miss you all, see you soon Inshallah”.

Someone complained that the actress didn’t ‘like’ the photos, but someone inquired, ‘Are you people ready for marriage?’ without hesitation. In ‘Sabaat,’ Hocane and Gilani played Anaya, a girl who was significantly different from the typical roles seen on television.

The drama, which premiered in March 2020, had a total of 28 episodes that focused on problems such as socioeconomic disparities, envy, and mental health, in addition to the significant role of women.

Hocane, who made her acting debut in 2011, has been in various television dramas as well as on the big screen. In 2016, the actress made her Bollywood debut in the Indian film Sanam Teri Qasam.

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