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Indian women in a group are abused by a Texas woman in a viral video outside the restaurant Sixty Vines.

A strange incident occurred in Plano, Texas, when a Plano woman was detained for making a disturbance, assaulting someone, and threatening someone outside a restaurant. The incident happened on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, after dark outside a restaurant. After learning about the incident, law enforcement officials approached the woman. Even Facebook posted a video of the incident, which is now one of the most popular topics on social media. In fact, it is spreading across various platforms. Obtain more details Esmeralda Upton was charged with employing a racial epithet.

The incident happened on Tuesday outside the Sixty Vines restaurant in the 3700 blocks of Dallas Parkway, as we already mentioned. Esmeralda Upton, 58, allegedly used racial slurs and even physically assaulted a group of Indian American women. Esmeralda Upton has been identified as the woman who is accused of using racial slurs and physically assaulting Indian American women. A surveillance camera captured the incident on video, and the police officer used the video to help him apprehend the offender.

One of the women, Rani Banerjee, recorded a five-minute video of the entire incident and uploaded it to a social networking website. After some time, the video became popular on social media, and viewers on the Internet criticized the woman for abusing and assaulting the group of women. “Dinner with friends ended with a frightening experience,” reads the caption on the video. The victims claimed that as they were making their way to their car after finishing their meal, an irate woman approached them and began verbally and physically abusing them. She struck two of the group’s female members.

After one of the women recorded the incident and called 911 to report what was happening, the police learned the full details of the case and made their way to the scene. The accused woman also claimed that although she is Mexican and paid here, she is not white.

She claims that she didn’t even want to speak with you. Rani, one of the women, claimed that despite having lived in the Dallas region for 29 years, she has never felt so ashamed, threatened, or scared in her entire life.

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