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Indian woman defies traditional notions of beauty by sporting a moustache

An Indian woman with a moustache has been the target of both compliments and teasing.

Shyja, who goes by one name, claims she is unconcerned by the questions that are frequently asked of her by those who view her photos or interact with her in person.

The woman from Kerala’s Kannur district shared many South Asian women’s body hairiness and wisps of facial hair on her upper lip. Natural body and facial hair is quite common among South Asian women, and they frequently hear that they should pay to have it removed and touched up on a regular basis. However, Shyja never felt the need to wax the hair on her upper lip while she continued to thread and tweeze her eyebrows.

“People make fun of me by stating that moustaches are only worn by men; why would a woman have one?” told the BBC, Shyja. But isn’t that about what I like—what to keep and what not to?—you might ask?

Shyja, 35, writes in her WhatsApp status, “I love my moustache.” Ajay Laloo, a member of the Indian government, posted her photo first.

According to Shyja, she decided to keep it when it started to resemble a moustache about five years ago. Many of Shyja’s close relatives and friends frowned upon the moustache, but she steadfastly refused to shave it off.

Women have been choosing to reject strict beauty standards in recent years by embracing and even taking pride in their body and facial hair; they are also supporting body positivity.

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