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Indian plan to sabotage Australian cricket team’s tour to Pakistan exposed

India employed cheap measures to undermine the Australian cricket team’s tour to Pakistan by sending threatening comments to the players’ families on social media.

The texts were delivered by an Indian named Maradal Tewari, a Gujarat citizen, using a phoney Instagram account, according to evidence.

A threat was sent to the cricketer’s family in the messages, claiming that if he continues his visit to Pakistan, he will not return alive.

The message stated,

“This is a warning for your husband. If he comes for tour against Pakistan he won’t come alive. Long live TTP and Taliban.”

“Your children will miss their father. If he comes to Pakistan, our snipers will blow his head,”

the messages further threatened.

Last September, false information spread by India resulted in the cancellation of the New Zealand cricket team’s tour of Pakistan.

New Zealand hastily cancelled their first visit to Pakistan in 18 years, just minutes before the first One-Day International (ODI) in Rawalpindi, citing undisclosed security concerns.

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