Indian Muslim Girl Nafisa Suici*de Video Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube

Who is Nafisa – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Worth, Death casue & Instagram

Nafisa is Teen age girl approxmatly 19 year old girl lived in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Her Boyfriend name was Ramiz. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a shocking case of a girl committing suicide has come to light. Similar to Ayesha, Nafisa committed suicide after discovering her lover had an extramarital affair. However, unlike Ayesha, Nafisa also recorded all of her grievances in a video before taking her own life, which is now going viral on social media.

Nafisa Suicide Full Video in HD

Let us remind you that a girl by the name of Ayesha earlier committed suicide by creating a video that looked very similar to this one after becoming frustrated with her husband’s adultery, and now this second case of Nafisa has come to light. Similar to Ayesha, Nafisa made a video before she passed away to reveal her lover.

A woman by the name of Nafisa recorded a video from the Sabarmati River Front and told the tale of her partner’s adultery. The phrase “Ramiz, you have done very bad to me” is used by Nafisa in the video to denote bad behaviour. He brought me close to his heart under the guise of marriage but did not accompany himself. This should not have been done, man; it is terribly wrong.

You betrayed my deepest love for me by doing this to me? I was so defrauded by him. I believed you to be unique, but you are just like everyone else. There is no distinction between you and anyone else. You did not hold my hand even after the entire world found out. You really are awful.

Nafisa says in the video, “I have done so poorly, neither the house nor the ghat. I’ve been pacing around here for the past four days trying to find you. According to the information, Nafisa recorded this video near the Sabarmati River Front in Ahmedabad just before she passed away. On June 20, she hanged herself in her home. After that, this video came to light when the family members complained to the police.

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