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Indian girlfriend threatens boyfriend with a se*xual assault case

An Indian girlfriend used a fabricated se*xual abuse claim against her boyfriend to demand money from him.

An Indian woman was detained by police in connection with a blackmail scheme in which her boyfriend was the target.

The incident took place in the Chhattisgarh city of Korba.

It was claimed that after making a false accusation of se*xual abuse against the victim, the woman received Rs. 2 Lakh (£2,000) from him.

Mukesh Mahato, the victim, and Indira Chandra, the perpetrator, were both named.

The couple was said to have been dating for some time. However, they parted ways after a disagreement.

The topic of the argument is unknown.

One day, Chandra called Mukesh and threatened to accuse him of s*exual abuse unless he paid her Rs. 3 Lakh (£3,100).

She made a false complaint against Mukesh at the Rampur Chowki Police Station after he told her he couldn’t give her that much money.

The Indian girlfriend called Mukesh once more to let him know that the police report had been made.

Mukesh gave Chandra Rs. 2 Lakh out of fear that he would be detained and imprisoned. She then gave a statement and withdrew her complaint.

Chandra subsequently made a second false accusation against Mukesh. The woman refused to allow an FIR to be registered after the officers reported the incident.

As a result, no police report could be filed.

Then, she called Mukesh once more and demanded an additional Rs. 1 lakh (£1,000).

Mukesh recorded a conversation he had with Chandra regarding a financial transaction because he thought Chandra was waging a blackmail campaign on behalf of his ex-girlfriend.

Mukesh complained about Chandra by bringing the audio and video recordings to the Rampur Chowki Police Station.

Police opened an investigation and filed a case. Indira Chandra was taken into custody.

Blackmail schemes are common in India.

An Indian man was previously detained for extorting money from more than 100 women and engaging in blackmail.

The accused was identified by police as Sumit Jha, 26, of Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

According to rumors, Jha used to download female social media images and edit them before threatening to post them online unless the women paid him money.

He would alter their faces to appear on nak*ed women’s bodies.

Jha would then make up fake social media profiles and threaten the victims by posting their nak*ed photos unless they gave him money.

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