India: Gangra*pe Video Goes Viral On Social Media

According to reports, one of the rap**ists involved is an MLA’s son, and the video has gone viral on social media, so it has quickly become political. More videos of the incident have now been shared on social media. Rap**ists’ faces can be seen and easily identified in some of the videos. This case is being investigated on a large scale because it involves the son of an MLA. One of the main reasons why the police force is under so much pressure is public outrage.

Watch: India Gangra*pe Video Goes Viral On Social Media

The Footage of a Gangrap**e in Hyderabad Has Gone Viral

Although, according to the investigation, three out of five rap**ists are minors under the age of 18. One of the boys in the video has been identified as AIMIM MLA’s son. Raghunandan Rao, a BJP MLA, posted a video and a photo to social media on Saturday. He even interrogated officers from the Hyderbad Police Department about the investigation.

The case has now turned political, with other party leaders attempting to use the incident to criticise AIMIM leaders.

The BJP is accusing the leader, as well as the investigating agencies, of not properly conducting the investigation because it involves the MLA’s son. In Hyderabad, there is widespread public outrage. The public has rallied behind the young victim. Justice is being fought for by the general public. The people of Hyderabad are angry with the police officers, and many have accused them of not conducting a thorough investigation into the case.

The shocking gangrap**e case in Hyderabad has shocked the entire country. This horrific incident has saddened and angered the entire nation. The victim of this heinous gang rap**e is a 17-year-old minor. According to recent reports, a video of the incident has gone viral on social media. In the video, a group of boys can be seen abusing and torturing the girl. The video depicts the brutality and barbarism that innocent girls were subjected to.


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