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In this amusing video, school teachers fight over a chair viral on social media.

Two teachers from a primary school in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, India, were seen fighting over a chair in a viral video.

Two women can be seen holding hands in the same chair, one asking the other to let go.

The Hindustan Times shared the video on Instagram, which amused many people.

“Welcome to India,” one user wrote, adding a smile emoji.

“Were they playing musical chairs?” wondered another.

“They didn’t hit each other, I was waiting for a show,” one user said, crying.

“Anything can happen in the BJP era,” one user added as a political comment.

Some users were also saddened by the video, which highlighted how government schools lacked basic amenities and a well-behaved faculty.

A user commented with a sad emoji, “Level of government schools.”

“Great knowledge this kind of studies they give to students, to fight for such things, this is our future,” another disappointed user chimed in.

The video has garnered 551,590 views within the last 17 hours.

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