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In the Bronx, a video shows an off-duty NYPD officer being robbed and assaulted.

A recent piece of news has surfaced online. An off-duty veteran NYPD officer was viciously attacked while walking in the Bronx on August 23, 2022, by three unidentified suspects who are suspected to be members of a drive-by mugging crew. The attack rendered the veteran officer brain dead. This news was recently published online, and it has since gone viral on social media. This news became a hot topic of conversation, and many people are looking up this news online because they want to learn all there is to know about it.

According to the sources, on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, at 10:30 am, three raiders are holding a 48-year-old veteran of the NYPD while he is out for a morning jog near 823 Olmstead Avenue in Soundview, between Lafayette and Turnbull Avenues. The perpetrators allegedly fled the scene in a black Honda after that. According to the report, the officer was discovered on the ground bleeding from his left ear and completely unconscious. He was taken to Jacobi Medical Center with a broken skull as a John Doe after Central Park Precinct officials were unable to identify him. You’ve come to the right place to learn about the latest news.

According to what we know, the officer was initially listed as having a critical condition but is now rapidly improving. According to sources, no suspects were detained, it was stated. They are accused of stealing his wallet, cell phone, debit and credit cards, as well as other items of identification. the Police Benevolent Association’s president. According to the sources, the city had experienced 19 robberies since August 1 before the officer was mugged. The Bronx was the scene of the remaining thefts, while Queens saw two of them happen in the previous month. For more details on the news, scroll down the page.

On Monday morning, a group of three young men approached a 36-year-old man outside 2353 Quimby Avenue. the location of the two robberies that happened before the mugging on Tuesday. They are accused of robbing the victim of $40, her phone, her wallet, and her identification cards. According to police statistics, robberies rose in 2022, particularly in the 43rd precinct. By Sunday, there had been 461 robberies committed in the precinct, up from 271 at the same time last year. All the information we had has been shared here.

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