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In Noor Mukadam’s case, justice won out.

A sessions court in Islamabad has finally handed down its decision in the Noor Mukadam case, sentencing the main suspect, Zahir Jaffer, to death.

Zahir Jaffer viciously killed Noor Mukadam, a 27-year-old lady, on July 20, 2021. Because she allegedly turned down his marriage proposal. A session court has now handed down the death punishment to the accused.

However, all Pakistanis, particularly women, are concerned that such a bold step would not put a stop to violence against them in society.


A sessions court revealed the case’s decision and condemned Jaffer to death during the last hearing today. Following the conclusion of arguments by the prosecution and defence earlier this week, the court presided over by Additional Sessions Judge Atta Rabbani issued the reserved decision.

For four months and eight days, the trial went on. Iftikhar and Jamil, two of Zahir’s home servants, were sentenced to ten years in prison. All other accused were acquitted, including Zahir’s parents and TherapyWorks staff.

Will this put a stop to women’s violence?

Women in Pakistan encounter a variety of conditions on a daily basis, ranging from domestic and intimate partner abuse to se**xual harassment and assault in public and private spaces. They are subjected to a variety of types of violence, including human trafficking, se**xual assault, and gender-based murder.

Due to the wealthy backgrounds of both the victim and the accused, the case of Noor Mukadam became a high-profile case. However, today’s decision may have long-term consequences for predators, prohibiting them from harming women physically, se**xually, or psychologically.

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