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In murder of Noor Mukadam, Zahir Jaffer sentenced to death

After a long period of silence, Zahir Jaffer and Noor Mukadam are once again the subject of heated debate. Since the slaughter of Noor Mukadam, news of Zahir’s sentencing has spread on social media. As soon as the news breaks, a slew of reactions emerge, with some praising the Pakistani court’s decision to imprison the defaulter.

Because no one has the right to be the cause of someone’s untimely death, and anyone who does so deserves to be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

According to private information or sources, the court initially convicted Jaffer guilty of rape and sentenced him to 25 years in prison with a fine of roughly 200,000 dollars. But that was not enough for the victim’s father, who filed another appeal to ensure that the defaulter received the proper punishment behind bars.

Because whatever he’s done does not necessitate any friendliness or relaxation, because his daughter is no longer among them as a result of his actions. As a result, the court harshly penalised him and allowed the relevant department to take retaliatory action against him.

Now while everyone is waiting for more information regarding the case, Noor Mukadam was discovered slain inside Jeffer’s residence in Islamabad’s affluent sector F-7/4 region on July 20, 2021. When the concerned department discovered her dead in such a suspicious manner, they began an investigation while detaining him.

Her father also filed a complaint against him, and he was charged with premeditated murder under section 302 of the Pakistan Panel Code (PPC). As time went on, several secrets were revealed during the investigation, which was revealing everything.

If other allegations are to be believed, Jeffer has a lengthy history with the criminal underworld, since he has always been a topic of conversation among everyone. However, he was virtually always held by the relevant authorities owing to physical abuse and harassment.

As soon as the rest of the world learns of the news, they express their outrage and demand that the relevant department take necessary action. As a result, no one could ever consider committing such horrific acts to the extent that he has.

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