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In Mianwali, a man arrested for the murder of his newborn daughter.

On Thursday, police claimed to have apprehended the man who allegedly killed his seven-day-old daughter in order to have a son.

The accused had been apprehended, according to DPO Mianwali, who held a press conference. According to him, the police formed three teams that conducted raids in various locations before finally apprehending the accused in nearby District Bhakkar.

A man named Shahzaib shot the baby Jannat multiple times because his first child was a daughter rather than a son. The infant’s father killed her by shooting her five times and fleeing the scene.

The incident’s first information report (FIR) was filed by the child’s maternal grandfather. After reports and pictures of the innocent victim went viral, the incident was widely condemned on social media.

Soon after the incident, the Punjab Inspector General (IG) took serious notice of the murder and summoned a report from the RPO Sargodha. He directed that the accused be arrested immediately and that stern legal action be taken against him. He also told them to stay in touch with the victim’s family.

Mianwali killer father arrested for shooting new born baby


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