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In India 4 Women Beaten Pizza Chain Employee Full Video Went Viral

The incident, according to reports, happened in Indore. As previously mentioned, a video of the entire incident has gone viral and has been widely shared on social media. It depicts a quartet of women beating up a young female worker at a pizza chain. The victim begged the four women to stop, but they kept beating her. Even though the young girl drops to the ground, the group of women continues as they can be seen disobeying the employee’s orders to stop.

Women Beaten Pizza Chain Employee Full Video Went Viral

Later in the video, the girl is heard threatening to report the four women to the police, but they don’t seem to take the warning seriously. The video does not, however, make it clear why the young girl was being brutally beaten. According to reports, the young girl was seen hiding in a nearby house to protect herself from the vicious women. Additionally, it has been reported that the girl went to the police station and reported the four women there. According to police, they are attempting to identify the accused.
We should point out that a young woman has experienced this type of incident before. A group of women had previously severely beaten a woman. Three women were arrested by the police after they assaulted a young girl in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, for talking to a man on the phone in August 2021. The girl was allegedly being beaten up because she stole a cell phone, according to the woman. In a different incident, two sisters from a tribal community in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district were attacked by family members.

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