In a clothing brand ad, Tom Brady flaunts his chest.

Tom Brady is kicking Father Time’s * again again, saying on Thursday that he’s got a GREAT bod!!!

On his social media profile, TB12 just posted an advertisement for his apparel line… Tom is looking jacked these days, as evidenced by the footage.

The 44-year-old begins the commercial by talking to someone off-camera while shirtless, and you can tell his pecs, biceps, and shoulders are massive.

Later in the video, as he lowers the camera to the ground, he reveals that his quads are also ripped as hell!!

Brady, on the other hand, didn’t go without clothes for long (sorry, everyone) – after “stepping on” his phone, he put on one of his “Brady Brand” coats to encourage supporters to buy the merchandise.

Brady, of course, hasn’t always had this physique – he was famously chubby coming out of Michigan in 2000.

In the years afterwards, he’s been all avocados and protein, and the results are hard to overlook.

In terms of his clothing line, which he launched in January, the jacket he was promoting in the ad costs $145… But if it makes you look half as good as Tom does in it, we think it’s a steal!

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